frost hit potatoes-will they survive

Jefferson, SD

Frost hit our area Saturday night and i checked my potatoes Sunday afternoon and they were black. Will they come back or do I start over? The forecast for the next 3 days are mid 50's and rain for 3 days then back to normal 70 degrees.

South dakota

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

As long as the plants are small they will come back with a vengance. The only time I have seen Irish potaoes suffer permanent damage is when they have reached blooming stage.
Here are mine several years ago after a late frost. They did fine.

Thumbnail by Farmerdill
Indiana, PA(Zone 5a)

ezrydr, I'm growing the "garbage can" potatoes. The temperatures went down to 28 degrees one night last week. The tops of my potatoes turned black, but I'm noticing new growth and leaves coming out again, so I think your potatoes should be ok!

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