Heart over Head or Head over Heart...?

Medina, OH

Need advice from the Head side as well as the Heart. My 94 year old mother broke her hip and fell on 4/1. Dr. said she was in excellent health other than the hip and recommended a total hip replacement. We said that was fine. She survived the operation in great shape and was sent to a rehab hospital not far from here where she stayed for 21 days (hating every minute of it and complaining that they were over working her). She graduated from rehab and we were told she would do best in assisted living. So, to assisted living she went. Nice apartment with all of her own furniture and, more importantly, her cat. We did not tell her that this was the end of the road. She is desperate to get "home" which is just down the lane, actually. She says therapy is not doing any good and she can run circles around all of the "old folks" there. My heart breaks. She is more sound of mind than I am these days, and all she wants is to get back to her own "other" apartment and tend to her plants and her cat and her Geraniums. We can not afford to keep the "other" apartment as well as the assisted living apartment. I hate to be the one to sentence her to assisted living when she is doing so well, allbeit with a walker. Anyone in the same boat? Ever been there? Head tells me to keep her in assisted living, but heart calls me a bad name for not letting her go home for what little time she might have. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanx. Susan

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