RE: All N.E. & lower Canada

Montpelier, VT

For Mother's LUCIA roots in northern NY & VT (also COVEY) into lower Canada.
Also my Dad's KELLEY roots in NH, and grandparents WHITNEY from early MA,
and my great grandfather of Leominster, MA, and original owner of the (then) Cranberry
co., and Whitney baby carriage co. Now all part of a huge complex of apts. with
the Whitney name. (Have the Whitney name back to England quite down to pat, but
would like to find more cousins.)

The french-canadian connection of so many spellings of original ancestor, Jaques
L'Hussier in the mid-1600s to Canada, huge families of children all over N.E. and
beyond, has made this a very complicated research.

Thanks for any information. CL Lawson, Vermont

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