Probably Dumb Question

Chesapeake Beach, MD

Do datura's self pollinate?

Navarre, FL(Zone 8b)

I just read this:
Flowers are fragrant and last one to several days; they are pollinated at night by moths, although these plants are self-fertile (don't need a pollinator to make seeds). If you snap off the pods, you will get more flowers, but if you want seeds to make more daturas, let the pods remain. When the pods open, the seeds are ripe. I usually leave the pods on the plant until the pods turn brown, then harvest and empty the pods for the seeds.

Chesapeake Beach, MD

Thanks Pamela - this probably includes the triples too. I read on some forum about the scarcity of seed pods forming on the triples.

Navarre, FL(Zone 8b)

Here is an old thread that explains stuff:

Chesapeake Beach, MD

Thanks Pam

Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

I will add my 2 cents worth about seeds. Daturas do not come true from seeds if you grow more than one variety during the same season. They cross pollinate.

That isn't too terrible if you get a plant like the one below. It is Datura inoxia x D. metel 'Yellow Ballerina'

Thumbnail by blomma

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