what do cleome seedlings look like

Lake Charles, LA

I planted some zinnias, cleomes, batchelor buttons, and larkspurs. I recognize the zinnia seedlings, but I'm wondering what cleome seedlings look like.

Calgary, Canada

Cleome seedlings have three lobed leaves opposite each other on the stem.
The lobes are slightly elongated and not round like three leaf clovers are.
These are above the small first two leaves which are similar to many plants.

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Calgary, Canada

Here are some pics:

Thumbnail by CLScott
Calgary, Canada

Another pic of cleome seedlings.

Thumbnail by CLScott
Lake Charles, LA

Woohoo. I think I have several of these growing outside. I have been trying to germinate them. I'm thrilled.
Thank you so much.

Calgary, Canada

I am glad.
What kind did you seed?

Lake Charles, LA

I think it was Rose Queen. Do they look kind of like zinnia seedlings?

Calgary, Canada

No, zinnia seedlings are just oval shaped.

There is a UK site which has pictures of many seedlings.
I can't remember the URL, but it is called something like:

Seeds, seedlings and pods?

seedsite.co.uk/seedlings ?

I have started Rose Queen Cleome in the house.

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Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

I think I found the site you were referring to:

Calgary, Canada

Yes, that is it.

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