Do Pansies come up from seed?

Wauseon, OH(Zone 5a)

I would like to plant Pansy but don't know the first thing about them.
Can someone please help me out here so that I can grow them successfully?

I have heard that Pansies come up each year from their seed is this correct?

Do they like mulch? Do they like damp soil or dry soil? I have clay soil, do they like this?

Tulsa, OK

Hi - I have pansies and johhny jump ups (smaller version of the pansy). They produce seed pods in the winter and drop seeds - I've never grown deliberately from seed but I've had several volunteers in my lawn this spring. They must go through a cold spell - I recommend just searching online for Pansy germination - some put in their fridge to get the seeds to germinate - I'm just not sure of the exact process. Oh my soil type is balanced - I've grown directly in my garden and also in pots without mulch - they do look saddened with alot of rain and don't seem to like it very hot.... hope this helps a bit!

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