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Chameleon Plant

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

I have some of this (who didn't make that mistake?! LOL)

it never dies of course.
I have a goldfish pond, I am wondering if it would live in the pond?
Does it overwinter in the pond?
And I read in Plant Files that it loses it's variegated color. Mine does not seem to have any color, just green. Does anyone know why that is? When I bought it, it had lovely pink stripey foliage.
I am still spraying mine with weed be gone, round up or whatever I have on hand. But I thought I could try some in the pond.
thoughts please!

Mentor, OH

I have had chameleon plant for about three years and except for occasionally pulling up a stray, it really hasn't gone too crazy as i've heard it tends to do. As far as color, mine is in bright sun around a fountain and is a very pretty bright red, yellow and green. I gave some to a neighbor who planted it in shade and it remained green. I'm not sure about it living in a pond,but i've read it will grow anywhere in any conditions. Mine has been pretty obedient but thats always subject to change. lol

columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

I put one piece in on a damp clay slope last spring and had at least 20 shoots come up this spring, love the way it looks, but when I tried to pull it up it was exactly like bishops weed( nightmare) roots, hope I got it all out.

Chapel Hill, NC

It laughed at Roundup for an entire summer. We then dug up all the plants in the bed and sifted the soil for the tiny roots. The roots have an irritating smell. Then we pulled stray shoots for another summer. The bed was on the way to the mailbox, so we would stop and look every day. Most days we found new shoots. The next summer we found a few new shoots, but it seemed clear by late fall. To be sure, we waited to plant in the bed until the following spring.
It took three years, but it is gone!
Never, ever plant this thug!!

columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

You could try a broad leaf weed killer, that helps with the bishops weed. Round up doesn't touch bishops weed, I bought sprectracide and it's very slow working.

columbia, TN(Zone 7a)

spectracide works, its a broadleaf weed killer.

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