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is there a generic version of PREEN?

springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

I am going broke buying preen, seems more $ everytime I pick some up.
Was wondering if anyone knew of another brand, and if you have tried it or liked it's results?

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

I just read this on another site:

"Visit any feed store and you can obtain large sacks of corn gluten meal for a very low price. It is commonly used as an animal feed and is the same exact stuff as in the Preen container."

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

No, it's not the same as Preen (at least not the regular Preen--I think I've seen a new organic version of Preen that does have corn gluten, but the regular Preen has a different active ingredient). It performs the same function though--both act as pre-emergent herbicides. I can't speak from experience whether corn gluten is more/less effective than the regular Preen, but if you can get it cheaper it's certainly worth trying.

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