How to save Dutchman's breeches bulbs/tubers

Saint Paul, MN

I had to dig a corner of my wildflower patch to widen a sidewalk and brought up a bunch of Dutchman's Breeches bulbs and bulblets, some still with foliage on them. I tried to pot the ones with foliage, but the foliage wilted as soon as they were dug and never revived, so I took the tubers out of the pots. The ones still in ground haven't started fading back yet. I also got a lot of little bulbs that just exploded off some of the bigger tubers.

What I'd like to do is plant them back once the sidewalk's in, but I don't know how to hold them so they don't dry out or rot. I have a problem with soft bulbs or tubers doing one or the other, I never seem to find a happy medium (pun!). And should I put them back in the soil as soon as I can, which might be July or August, or should I wait for fall?

Thanks! Laurie

East Tawas, MI(Zone 5b)

I would place them all in a pot with soil and bury the pot up to the rim (1/2" above ground is fine) in a good shady location. Then if they need to be moved, they will be together, wont be disturbed and I think you'll find your happy medium there....Also, should you have forgotten them for any amount of time, that should cause no problems and being buried will lessen the care you will need to give them....they should need no more extra care than any other plants in that area.


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