Zone 7b - 8a Amaryllis Question

Columbia, SC(Zone 8a)

I have a small collection of amaryllis bulbs. I live in Zone 7b -- arguably 8a. I have been told that "any" amaryllis bulbs would be hardy in this area...planted in the ground and mulched overwinter. Can anyone confirm (or deny) this?

I've forced these bulbs for holiday blooms -- indoors -- with every intention of setting them outside and fertilizing them for bulb mass to help with next year's blooms. But my plan was to dig-up the bulbs and bring them inside overwinter. I'd hate to do so if it's a waste of my energy.


(Zone 9a)

I used to live in the northeast section of Columbia and regularly did what you are proposing. Remember to leave at least 1/3 of the bulb exposed when you plant them; they hate to be buried to deeply. If you want indoor bloom next winter you will need to dig them up, probably around September and let the foliage dry off, When they are completely dormant you can pot them and treat just like the bulbs you buy in the fall.

Leaving the bulbs in the ground will eventually produce a huge clump and they will bloom in early summer.

Columbia, SC(Zone 8a)

Thanks so much for your response. That's good news, for sure. I always figured that IF they could survive outdoors, they'd do better, in general.

Even indoors, I learned my lesson (the hard way) about burying the bulbs too deeply.

By the way, you live in one of the most beautiful parts of the state!

(Zone 9a)

Thanks, we do love it here. Good luck with your amaryllis.

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