Anthurium spectable...

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...with me for scale, LOL. I had to take this out of a hanging basket because it broke the basket and was way to heavy to keep hanging, love this plant

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Indeed, Anthurium spectabile is a spectacular pendent leaf Anthurium from Costa Rica. I had trouble pronouncing the name of this plant correctly for years until noted Anthurium expert Neil Carrol corrected me and explained the correct pronunciation is spec-TAB-i-lee. For years I pronounced it spec-tab-i-LEE. I questioned his information until I contacted Dr. Tom Croat of the Missouri Botanical Garden and he agreed.

This photo is two years old but the leaves have grown to a length of approximately 4 feet not counting the length of the petioles. We moved the plant to brighter light last summer and it is growing faster than ever and has produced two inflorescences.

There is another very similar plant from Panama known to science as Anthurium pseudospectabile. Your plant looks very healthy.


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yes I have Pseudospectabile as well. You can tell they are totally different plants.

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This was a huge plant at Atlanta botanical gardens leaves were 7 feet or longer.

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Ah that's what we all aspire to!

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