Big ol' grubs of what?

I harvested some compost from the bottom of my bin last weekend and found a lot of big ol' grubs - I mean BIG - curled up they looked like good sized shrimp or prawns. Light grayish white. What will these grow up to be?

Lancaster, CA

The ones in my compost pile (that I would describe that way) grow into June bugs. A large iridescent green flying beetle that will munch roses but seems to prefer gathering nectar in these parts. I read some post where some say they will devastate roses, but as I said that hasn't happened in the 5 years I've paid attention. LOL. When I find em in the pile I generally pick out all I find and put on a pan for the birds to eat. The pan has to have a fairly high lip tho, otheriwse the suckers climb out and burrow back into the ground.


Allen Park, MI(Zone 6a)

You need to adjust your compost pile. Its not hot enough be sure you have the correct ratio of browns to greens.

Heat it up those little suckers will bail out.

(Zone 6a)

Sounds like Japanese beetle larvae

I also thought Japanese Beetle larva. Drown 'em in soapy water; they can't be good. & yes, heat up that pile.

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