Natural bath products

Hobart, IN

Gee - Hope I'm in the right forum with this question. I love Bath and Body Works eucalyptus and mint stress-relieving bath products which they don't carry in my local store anymore. I was getting ready to order some online from BBW but was wondering if there are some more natural products with that same fragrance. Would probably have to be a mail-order thing since there aren't a lot of the more natural products available locally. Has anyone had any experience with online purchases of these products? A particular source or manufacturer?

Dover AFB, DE(Zone 7a)

I was looking around on the web a year or two ago and found recipes for different high-end spa products. I am guessing that a quick Google search would help you to find the recipes for the ones that you would want to try. (Some of them were sooo easy to make)

Hobart, IN

Thanks for that tip JuneyBug. I'll go Googling.

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