Turner, OR

Hi all, I am trying to get a carnivourous plant for my son and cant seem to find one locally! Does anyone have one to trade? I have a ton of different thing to trade!! I also have some heirloom Peony plants!

Arlington, TX

Mail order? Cobraplants is a great source for mail order CP's.

Turner, OR

thank you!

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

cobraplants.com is also in OR. Sarracenia Northwest. On their site, you can also find out which plant would be best suited to you. Why not tell us what kind of growing conditions you have, and we can give you sugestions on what to start with? Do you want to grow it inside or out? Do you have a sunny windowsill? Do you want it big or small?

Turner, OR

I will be growing it inside as I live in zone 8 and I do have some sunny places I can put it! I am totally lost as I have never even seen a plant of this type so any help would be great! I just want to show my kids how interesting plants can be with out spending to much!
thanks, marie

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

For Zone 8, you can grow many carnivorous plants outside year round, and if you grow them inside you would kill them. For example: all Sarracenia, Venus Flytraps and many sundews. I would recommend a normal Venus Flytrap and Sarracenia hybrids "Daina's Delight" and "Judith Hindle". Both are inexpensive. You can also grow Drosera filiformis and Drosera dichoma outside.

I would recommend a Cape Sundew (Drosea capensis) for a sunny window or Nepenthes (intermediate -- a good one would be N. "miranda").

And outside you might try dalingtonia -- cobra plants, but wait until you are more experienced. They are native to Oregon.

Most people think Carnivorous plants are sensitive, tropical plants. In reality there are about 650 species (and many more hybrids) found all over the world including jungles, but also Siberia, Canada, Alaska, Oregon, South east US, England, Europe, Afriaca, Asian, South America, pretty much everywhere except for Antarctica. Many species are hard for me to grow like Venus Flytraps because it is too warm for them here.

Care sheets:

When you get your plants, read the care sheets ar ecobraplants.com even if you don't get your plant there. And ask us. :)

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

I'll add that a Ping Moranensis will grow fine in a window as well. Mexican pings are easy indoor CPs.

Sundance, WY(Zone 3b)

If you have a local Lowe's, you might try them as well. They frequently have them, but if yours does not, ask someone there about them. I know the store we have relatively close to us has reordered them several times, as they keep selling out, and just got another shipment in.

Turner, OR

great thank you! I was just at the one here and they didnt but I will ask next time

Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

If you buy from Lowes (Wal-mart, Home Depot, . . .), I caution you about the "Domes of Death". (This is not a Lowes problem, but a problem at most non-Carnivorous plant outlets). Never assume that the way a plant is sold to you is how you should keep it. And ignore the instructions on the Dome of Death. They are usually wrong. The Domes of Death will rapidly kill your plants. Slowly remove the dome over a period of days to make sure you do not shock the plant. Water with rain water. You should probably repot immediately in 1/2 peat and sand or peat and perlite. The plants are almost always sold in long fibered sphagnum moss which holds water, but will rot the roots long term. And if they were watered since being sealed inside the Dome of Death, chances are the person watering the plant use hose water. Look at the plant you want closely. The Domes of Death incubate mold and fungus that will kill your plants. If a Sarracenia is broken and spindly, pass on it (They don't get enough light in the Domes of Death and Lowes usually has them inside near the Orchids). Look at any Venus FLytrap carefully for mold. If the plants are in rough shape, you might be able to get a bargain. But it is harder to nurse the plants back to health, if you are new to them.

So if you buy a Dome of Death, 1.) bring it home, 2.) repot in peat (no fertilizers) and sand (no salt) or peat (no fertilizers) and perlite (no fertilizers --Watch out for Miracle Gro -- ferts in everything). 3.) water with rain or distilled water 4.) Place in a saucer with 1/2 inch water and put it in the shade outside (if it is a Sarracenia or Venus Flytrap). 4.) Over the next week remove the Dome of Death and slowly move the plant to more light. By the second week it should be outside in full sun outside.

Like Tommy said, if you want a Moranensis butterwort, follow the same instructions above, but move to a sunny window sill.

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