Name This Petunia

(Doug) Murfreesboro, TN

Some flowers just speak to me and this is one of them. I learned last year that if I encounter a flower like that, I should buy it, because when I come back, it will be gone. There were only four of these available and I got two of them. Can anyone tell me the name of this cultivar?

Thumbnail by Cibarius
San Angelo, TX(Zone 7b)

Could it be Petunia 'Ultra Crimson Star'?


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(Doug) Murfreesboro, TN

Thanks for the information about Ultra Crimson Star. Do you know anything about petunia propagation? I have never grown them before this year. I would guess that this is a hybrid that will not come true to saved seed. Will I have to just buy this one from a retailer next year?

San Angelo, TX(Zone 7b)

I'm sorry I don't. I recognized yours b/c I had one like it.
As far as I know, they are annuals and propagate by seeds? I'll try and find info for you.

San Angelo, TX(Zone 7b)

This might help?

(Doug) Murfreesboro, TN

Thanks for the information. This is my first year growing petunias and I do not know what to expect. It gets quite hot here in middle Tennessee in the summer. We will see how the plants endure.

San Angelo, TX(Zone 7b)

Good luck. I always pull the dead flowers off and it seems to help.

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