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Purple leaved plant looks like mint - invader

Godfrey, IL

I had one plant last year - thought I lost it this year - noway! It invaded my garden! It looks like a mint, leaf wise, but flowers come out at top like sage, or blue salvia. It grew to about 30 inches - no picture, maybe someone has an idea where to start looking??? Thanks

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Any chance you can get a picture? If you can't get a picture, at least crush some leaves and let us know what they smell like--that could help narrow things dow. There's a good chance it's something in the same family as mint & salvia, but it's a HUGE family. That being said, since mint's in the same family as salvia, there's going to be some resemblance in the flowers as well, and the aggressive behavior also seems to fit what mint would do, so have you considered that it could be mint? Here's a picture of mint flowers--this is spearmint so other types of mint may look a little different

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