Port Sanilac, MI

This evening I found one of my 3" tall Seattle dahlias laying dead on the ground, chewed off. Sob. Sob.
When I picked it up, I found a little white cured up worm or grub right there where he chewed it off at ground level , Help, what do I do? I had been powdering them with seven dust.

Marquette, MI(Zone 5a)

Probably a cut worm. I use a grub control granule, Bayer makes one. use your gloved finger and sworl it around where you think the sprout may be coming up, you may find more..... They also chop off vegetables, etc. Once the stalks/stems get larger, they don't bother them. I use the granules when I plant the tubers, but now would not be too late. The dahlia will recover.

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