no blooms

Port Charlotte, FL

I live in Florida and have a glad problem. I have some planted in the ground from 2 years ago. The year I planted them they were great. The next 2 years they come up but didnt bloom at all. No spikes but great foliage. This year I knew I couldnt count on them so I bought new and planted them in big pots. Huge bulbs! They grew tall and beautiful but only 1 flowered out of 30. What is going on?? Do they hate fertilizer? Did it get too hot before they bloomed? What am I doing wrong? I so love them and look forward to spring each year so I can grow some but am disappointed lately.

Wichita, KS(Zone 6a)

I'm having the same problem in Kansas. great foliage but no blooms. This is their 2nd year. Last year they bloomed beautifully.

Bolivar, OH

I'm in the same boat as you guys. To date, I have 1 out of 40 in bloom and that one is pretty disappointing. Mine were planted in early May. I do know that they will typically take anywhere from 60 - 80 days to bloom. They also like plenty of moisture - like 1 inch per week.

side note - did you know that gladiolus get its name from the Latin word for "little sword"? (Due to the shape of the leaves.) The term gladiator is also derived from the same word because they were men who "lived and died by the sword." Thought that was interesting & wanted to share.

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