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Reading Nutrition Facts on a package

New Orleans, LA(Zone 9a)

I recently purchased some Zatarain's Red Beans & Rice. Since I'm watching my calories & fat content, I read the nutrition label in the store & it said, 1 cup prepared, Servings per container about 4, Calories: 190, Total Fat: 0g. This falls within what I like to eat so I purchase it.

I get home & start to prepare it. It calls for 2 tablespoons of butter, margarine or olive oil. 2 tablespoons of butter is 204 calories & 23 grams of fat. So I'm guessing that 1 cup prepared is actually 241 calories and and 5.75 grams of fat.

What I don't understand is how a company can do this. I thought the Nutrition Facts were supposed to show either the calories unprepared or the calories prepared. Even if the label follows guidelines, it is very misleading to the average consumer. But then, probably all brands of various rice dishes do the same thing.

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