Living (and non-living) stones

Norridgewock, ME(Zone 5a)

I repotted my living stones plant and couldn't resist adding a few non-living ones. Wherever I go I pick up small round stones to use in plant trays and, well, because I like them, so I have quite a supply.

Thumbnail by granitegneiss
Northern, NJ(Zone 6b)

That's quite a nice display you have with the trick the eye living and non-living stones granitegneiss.

Your living stones look beautiful and fat.
I wonder if you can give me a few hints on growing them.
I find them quite appealing but I have lost the last few I tried to grow.

Norridgewock, ME(Zone 5a)

I would hesitate to give advice, since I've only had them a month. The transplanting was just to get them into a more appealing container, not because they had run out of room. I used a bonsai soil mix so that the drainage would be excellent. I'll let you know how things look at this time next year!

Ellendale, DE(Zone 7a)

Very nice! I bought some lithops (living stones) seeds from a seller here on Dave's Garden (in the marketplace), and I want to try germinating them in a sunny windowsill. Any suggestions would be great!

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