Swimming pool frog rescue by "Frog Logs"

Claremore, OK

I always hated finding frogs, insects and other critters in the swimming pool skimmer. I've used "Frog Logs" for two years and it's a great product. You can find them on the internet.

The floatation pad lasted about 2 years for me. I just ordered 2 new pads ( a little less than $9 each). I also ordered another log which ran about $20.

Dallas, OR(Zone 8a)

Never heard of these. Just googled them. What a great invention!

Lilburn, GA

I use an old bath towel.

Just put it in the water and place one end of the towel over the edge of the pool, under a heavy slab.

Critters will climb on the towel to get off the pool.:o)

Claremore, OK

Good to know! Is the towel white? One of the reasons they said these frog logs work
is because animals can see white underwater.

Lilburn, GA

I have had white and light blue and it seems to work.:o)

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