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switching to Canon, any thoughts??

Clinton, CT(Zone 6b)

Hi all,

I started out a Canon girl, back in the 35mm days. Got myself the Elan 7, along with a Macro EF 100mm 1:2.8. I love the lens. Got a Rebel to go with it, crappy...(about 10-12 years ago) Sold it in december for a new Powershot, yay love it!

I became a Nikon user in 2004 when I started working for a newspaper. They gave me a D200 with all the fixins. It was such a step up for me, I was on top of the world with that monster. When I quit in 2007 I bought the D2Xs from a friend who also worked for the paper. I shoot a lot of sports, do a bunch of portraits, and a ton of events.

I just recently started a new hobby of hybridizing hibiscus, and it has brought me back to my macro roots. Now I want a camera to go with the 100mm lens. I was thinking of just a nicer Rebel model. Something that will take nice color shots, and also something that I can bring on vacation, around partys, and maybe use as a back up camera (I am getting sucked into doing a wedding, I hate shooting them).

Talking to my camera savy friend, he suggested I just go for the 7D. After looking at it, I think I absolutely am in love. My question here is, does anyone own a 7D that can tell me what they think about it? I think it may be my Nikon replacement. Does it do well with high action shots? And good in low light situations, so I don't panic at this wedding??

Would love to hear any thoughts,
Thank you,

Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

I don't have any advice myself, but here is another thread discussing the 7D that you might find helpful:

Kelseyville, CA(Zone 8b)

Hi Kristen,
As you probably have read on the above link, I love my 7D. Just wanted to tell you that I still do.

However, when we went online to purchase an extra battery for mine, we found the price for it had jumped from about 60 something up to 90 something and higher. Reading further, we found someone that said Canon wasn't making as many of them. I'm hoping that's not true and it's just the current economy that's responsible. Just something to think about.

Clinton, CT(Zone 6b)

Thanks Duc,

Is the battery that comes with the camera not so good? I have the most amazing life to my Nikon. I cant remember the last time I charged it! I deffinately am considering it. Just saving some money first.

Kelseyville, CA(Zone 8b)

Yes, the battery that came with the 7D is an excellent one. I just wanted an extra one in case I needed it.

Linthicum Heights, MD(Zone 7a)

Nikon, Canon ..... Canon, Nikon. Flip a coin. I have Nikon equipment. D70, D200 & D300. Do I prefer Nikon over Canon ? Not necessarily. If I was starting over I probably would opt for Canon. Why ? Because they have a much broader selection of lenses and they are less expensive than Nikon. But, I have too much money invested in Nikon lenses to make a switch to Canon, using some financial common sense. If I can't get good photos with the equipment I have, I should forget it.

The question I have is, will the 100mm lens that you referenced fit on the Canon 7D ? What is wrong with your Nikon D2x ? What Nikon lenses do you now use with the 2X ? Nikon has a nice 105mm vibration reduction 2.8 macro lens. It used to be around $699. Now its $899. All camera products have increased in price. In 2007-2008, one Dollar was the equivalent of 120 Japanese Yen. Today, one Dollar is the equivalent of 91 Japanese Yen. Thus, we are paying more today for camera products from the Far East.

I have over 300 different Daylily cultivars. I've taken some of my best close-up daylily photos with the first digital camera that I ever owned ..... a non-SLR 3 megapixel Olympus, for $299. So how much is a little better worth. It's like the law of diminishing returns on this "stuff".

So, in your case, there is neither right nor wrong .... it's what makes you happy .... and how much money you have to throw at your hobby.

North Coast NSW, Australia(Zone 7b)

Hi Kristen ,

Canon , Nikon ,
GM , Ford :)

I have had Canon back to a A2E (that I loved to death and killed )
Then went digital with a 300D ( that I don't love BUT cant kill) and 1.6 was a bit daunting at first .

And now have a 7D that is too early to critique for you . Initially it seems nice with a lot of "bells and whistles" I will never use (especially video) but fits my hand well , controls seem to be in the right places and is QUICK .

Like you I have a VERY camera savvy friend ( pro shooter) who is Canon person (but she gets it for a song) and also have a niece , a photo / journo / graphic artist person that will only look at Nikon ! BUT is also a MAC person and wont touch a PC ! ...

My bottom line is I paid a arm for the A2E and gave it away , paid (at the time ) a lot for the 300D and cant give it away .

My best camera is a little Canon pocket rocket that I never go anywhere without . Not a mega pixel monster that shoots at 8 frames a second .

Hope this makes a little sense to you :).

Good luck with your choices ,

John (Holty)

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

I like holty have been with the canons since AE1 film days. Still have 2 of them and they work well.

Ok to the. question. I have had 3 Rebels and have loved them all. Still shooting the Xsi and The newer T21. Tried the 7D and was not for me. I have the 100 macro lens and love it with Xsi and T2i. I can't tell you how much I love the T2i. It is the most loved camera I have had since my Canon Eos film days. But to each it's own when it comes to the equipment that fits you best. I could not get the 7D to focus precise with my L lenses. I sent it back got the Rebel T2i and right out of the box marvelous pictures.

Thumbnail by Riverland
Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Sorry posted wrong picture but you can see great detail even though not quite in focus. I have to have equip that can be hand held.

North Coast NSW, Australia(Zone 7b)

Still "playing" with the 7D BUT think I will get a 550 D ( your T2i) as my "point and shoot" .

Thumbnail by holty

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