Aster Yellows Resistant Echinaceas

(Clint) Medina, TN(Zone 7b)

I have noticed that the following Echinacea species seem to be more resistant to Aster Yellows than purpurea or hybrids involving it...


These all have hairy stems and rough leaves. I think I remember reading some place that leafhoppers and other insects don't like these plants as much as purpurea and hybrids involving it.

Have any of you ever had Aster Yellows in any of these plants? I know I've never seen it in any of them.

Hamilton, OH

never read it. Though it would make sense.

Again at my father's garden, his furry rudbekia black eyed susans got it bad. (green petaled flowers)

Valentine, NE

echinacea pallida is very susceptible to aster yellows although U of Conn says it is slightly less than E. pupurea. I got wiped out. However, Echinacea tennesseensis planted immediate adjacent is still going strong. E. tennesseensis did get the flower seed mites.

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