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Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

how long until the eggs will be safe to eat again? One place I was reading says never. Not to give to laying hens. one of my big Copper Marans has been sick the last 2 days. he stays in the roost and it is way to hot. He keeps opening his mouth and make noises and his tail is in a downward position. I think a cold?? Will have to treat everyone because coops and runs are all together but diivided or do I just treat the water in the run he is in with the hens. The BCM hens with him are not laying yet. Only my Sebrights and Araucana Ms. Peeps just started laying this week and one of the Sebright hens is brooding a nest of eggs.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated before I start the Duramycin-10 today

Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

Chickens do not get colds. It is probably CRD. Here is a web-site that shows what to give and how. I would only treat the sick birds unless you have several in the same pen with problems. I have seen birds get better with only one shot.

A well stocked medicine cabinet;

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Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

I have to go to another Feed Store to make a first aid kit for the critters. My local one doesn't carry much for chickens. I had wanted to get Baytril but they only had Duramycin. I am treating all of the chickens since I don't know what is wrong and all the cages are adjacent to each other and they are only a few feet from my Duck Aviary which I have mega bucks invested in. The cage with the sick BCM Rooster is in has his sister, my lap/shoulder Araucana Ms. Peeps, another Araucana Lacey I got along with 6 BCM poults, 3 Silver Sebrights, 1 which is sitting a nest due next week if any hatch

Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

If all the birds are healthy they may not come down with the crud. I have seen many a chicken or peafowl get sick and others in the pen not. Duramycin is not real efective on CRD and you can do more harm than good, if the birds are not sick. Some antibiotics like penicillin work really well for surface wounds but do not work so well for CRD. My vet did not stock Tylan because he had never found anything it was good for. Then we talked to the head of animal research at Texas A&M and he suggested using Tylan 50 and inject strait into the sinus cavity, where it does the most good. Tylan also breaks down muscle tissue so I never inject it into the muscle but it works so well on CRD and alot of people just will not try to inject into the sinus cavity.

Now on to ducks. Ducks have a very high immunity to CRD and I have only seen a few ducks get sick at all. I have a friend who has lost of ducks and swans and we have discussed how chickens in a pen get sick but the ducks never do. Donna I know you are worried but if you get the right medicine, inject where it does the most good and only treat the sick birds, you will be in good shape. Probiotics is also very helpful for the sick birds. When you give birds antibiotics you kill micro in the digestive system so they do not digest their food as well, which also helps to bring them down. Giving probiotics will help that problem.

Also go on the Dan Cawell game bird and waterfowl message board and talk to other rare bird breeders, lots of good information on there.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

went to feed store and he called the manufacturer. They said after 3 wks it is safe to eat the eggs again Got some Tylen 50 and needles to try to give injection and not treat the whole flock

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