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I need some mango, avacado, and lychee seeds from Hawaii

Phoenix, AZ

Can anyone help? I need some wild grown fruit seeds, nothing from store fruit. Thank you in advance.

noonamah, Australia

Do you mean seed from wild forms of the trees rather than cultivars? For mangos you'd have to go to India. For avocados I think it's South America. Lychees I'm not sure but think it's South East Asia.

Phoenix, AZ

Just not store bought fruit. I want seeds that have not beem treated in anyway with chemicals. I mailed back a bunch from Kauai but left them out too long and they dried out

noonamah, Australia

If it's just the chemicals you want to avoid, check out certified organic food suppliers. There should be some around close to you. The only problem would be if the fruit had been chilled too much and the seed become unviable.

Phoenix, AZ

I really liked the varities I had in Kauai so I was hoping to get some of those

noonamah, Australia

Get onto the Rare Fruits discussion group site:

It's an international group but has a lot of members in Hawaii. Try asking there. They'll probably even be able to tell you the names of the varieties.

Keaau, HI

The varieties of fruit that you have enjoyed do not come true from seed and must be gotten from grafted and air-layered plants.

'Haden' is likely the Mango cultivar that you had.

'Kaimana' is probably the Lychee.

Need to see a photo of the Avocado that you had, to guess a cultivar.

Some Avocado varieties will come true from seed, if they are polyembryonic.

Hillsborough , NC(Zone 7a)

All the fruit trees I have in the garden are named varieties, so will not come true from seed. I do have what they call an "ordinary mango" but it is very stringy and we leave all of those for the birds as they are not worth the trouble, even for juice. I don't think that's what you want! The guava and the papaya seed all over the garden and will give fruit, but it's anyones guess what the cross might be!



Phoenix, AZ

Metrosideros, I didnt take a pic of the avacado so I wont be able to get your help with that, but thank you anyway. Braveheartsmom, Im a memeber of the rare fruit growers club here in Phx and we like to experiment with different plants that are not native to our area so we are not too picky if we are able to get something exotic for us. Obviously the better the fruit the more desirable but its exciting just to try something different. Thx! Don

Keaau, HI

Hi Don!

Most of the seeds from the fruits you had will grow plants. They just won't produce the desirable fruit that you had.

The seeds that you brought back should be able to handle a little drying and still be viable. You might still be able to grow some of them.
If not, you may be able find some of those fruits locally and try to grow them.

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