Gonna toss this lousy Hoya...

Brownville, NY(Zone 4a)

...the crinkly or hindu rope type, which I bought a year ago, and has done NOTHING since. It has the primo spot on the plant ledge, in between the living and dining rooms, which is in front of a bay window with a western exposure. It's still in the original pot, and seems to otherwise be healthy, but there's no new growth....

should I repot it into a clay pot?
or change its location?
or chuck it out onto the compost pile?

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Send it to ME! I have been looking for one to replace the one I lost. I grow things from seed so I am a patient person.

Alfred, ON(Zone 4b)

Dear Bucky,
don't toss it, I have a H.Kerrii that is in the same condition then your hindu rope, just be patient.
If you deside to get rid of it give it to someone that wants it. I just got a cutting myself a few weeks ago and it's still alive not growing yet but still green.
good luck

Petaluma, CA

If you decide to keep it and to repot it, I'd not increase the pot size much, and be certain the soil is well drained, perhaps adding some, uh, perlite to the mix. You'll definitely see little growth in the winter, when it will want less water (to a marked degree) and hold off on the fertilizer. Is it smack in that window and getting all the light it can from it? Most often the no-growth thing is related to light exposure.
But if you're sick of the thing, find it a home and get something more satisfying to you!

Cedar Key, FL(Zone 9a)

Bucky,I have a hoya that was sent as a small cutting,for 2 years it did nothing,all of a sudden it took off this year ,I don't know why!!!So don't give up on it.By the way,we are kinda neighbors!!!CC

Biel, Switzerland(Zone 7a)

Bucky,don't give up hope!!I received a 1 inch Hoya cutting in March,and I thought it was history until July when it grew 6 inches!!! It's not a specimen plant,but I am happy(even when my 3 year-old pinched the tip off last week).I have mine in a southern window,and Swiss sun is a bit stronger than I remember back in New York,but hold on to it.It will be a beautiful plant soon.

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7a)


Hi, I grow my Hoyas in both clay & plastic pots. The one thing that I recently learned made a dramatic difference was to pot them SMALL (& I do mean small).

Some time back I had a cutting which had 2 leaves only & did nothing for over 6-8 months. I was pretty fed up w/ it & then heard to pot it down to SMALLER. W/in *2 weeks* of doing so, I had 2 new leaves. This yr. it made 6 new leaves (rather than prior yr.'s pathetic 2 leaves).

So before you toss it, pls. try this one last thing in potting it down. Then pls. give it good light, let it go dry btwn waterings & if you like mist once in a while. You may well get a lovely surprise. HTH = hoep this helps & pls. let us know how it goes.

Brownville, NY(Zone 4a)

Pirate Girl

I have potted it down now - maybe to half the original pot size. I gave it a quick shower and hung it up in the same spot. I'm crossing my fingers that maybe next year I'll get some blooms.

Thanks for all the advice...if I do get impatient this winter, I'll post it for a trade.

Louisville, KY(Zone 6a)

I have had mine for several years too, not a rope hoya though, those are neat I sw one at HD not oo long ago and resisted the urge...
anyway, mine is growing but no blooms yet. Maybe next year!

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