Is this an herb (or a weed)

Madison, AL

Several years ago my DH planted a small area with a variety of herb plants. Unfortunately, he did not keep a record of where each type was planted. It was his area and I paid no real attention to it. Over time his interest waned and the area got overgrown. A couple of years ago I dug up most of what was there - retaining some obvious rosemary and some of the plant pictured here which has appeared in an ever larger area each year. Now it is becoming a problem. The yellow flower is pretty, but the plant is expanding - when I pull it up, there is an impressive root system. Herb or weed - does anyone know?

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Madison, AL

2nd picture of mysterious herb

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Farmington, NM(Zone 5a)

looks a bit st. johns wort-ish. if you hold a leaf up to the light and it looks like it has dots or tiny holes, then that's what it is. the flowers look right as far as shape and color. try looking up hypericum perfolatum indentification. if that's what it is, i sure wish mine would grow like that! i can barely get it past the seedling stage. apparently if it's in an environment it likes, it can become terribly invasive.

Madison, AL

I immediately went out into the rain and cut some pieces to look at. Holding the leaves up to a light showed the dots (or tiny holes) quite clearly. The flowers look just like pictures searched out on the web after knowing what name to look for. Thanks so much. So it is an herb (apparently used for depression sometimes - glad I dont' need it) and not a weed, although it is behaving like a weed. I will be a bit kinder to it. It seems to like full sun and little care and growing where I don't want it. That leaves only one question - I will have to cut a bit of another plant I have been calling St. John's Wort (when it stops raining - it's pouring now) and see if I can figure it out. It does not look like this one although it also has yellow flowers. But the stems are sturdier and different.

Elmira, NY(Zone 6a)

You know, the flowers on this are big enough that I was wondering if it was Hypericum pyramidatum. That's a native St. John's wort and has much bigger flowers than Hypercirum perfoliatum. But I don't know if the leaves are pierced.

Middleburgh, NY

Not only is St. John's wort (Hypercium perforatum) useful for some types of depression, but it also is a very good nerve pain reducer. We make an infused oil from it and people use it topically on everything from diabetic neuropathy to sciatica to carpal tunnel pain.

Ozone, AR(Zone 6a)

I have ST.Johns wort too. I had it planted in a bed but it escaped onto my pathway and is doing great there.i even found some starting across the road.
Thanks for the info Herbal Betty. My DD could use the oil.

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