Alexandra palm

Forked River, NJ

I have an Alexandra Palm that I got for Motyher's Day 2009. The guy my husband bought it from told him it could stay out all winter.NOT...(We live in NewJersey).It's 14 feet tall so we had to winter it over in the living room. It lived and we were finally able to put it outside several weeks ago. Unfortunately, it blew over in a rain storm and two out of the three trunks it had broke off about three quarters of the way to the top.Will it again begin to put out fronds or are those trunks dead? The third trunk is doing great and already has new growth. If the other trucks are dead can they be removed from the one which is still doing fine without injuring it?

noonamah, Australia

Alexandra Palm, Archontophoenix alexandrae, is a single trunked palm so what you got was a group (of 3) planting in the same pot. 2 of your 3 palms are dead, they don't sprout again from the old trunk. You'll have to keep in mind that these normally grow up to about 25 metres tall. As it gets older you'll really need to have very high ceilings if it needs to be brought in again. They don't normally cope with frost.

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