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Any good info/links on pruning?

Camp Hill, PA

I figure they're too young now, but my next educational mission is pruning for aesthetic purposes and keeping them a manageable size in a container. I'm not necessarily interested in pruning for Bonsai, but I'd assume the technique is somewhat similar, and would like to learn a bit about Bonsai as well.

If you know if any tips, tricks, advise, experiences (good or bad) techniques or links on how to prune JM's, please share!


Thumbnail by markblanchard13
Sacramento, CA(Zone 9a)

We do have a bonsai forum here on DG. I take a look over there now and then. I don't recall seeing a lot of JM bonsai advice there but it could be worth a look anyhow.

I have most of my JMs in pots and I do prune occassionally but for the most part I just prune them like I would most other trees - I remove crossing branches or any that grow straight up or straight down. I also like to "limb up" the upright growing JMs I have because I prefer that look to the bushier look.

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