Kalamazoo, MI

I think that is the all time gorgeous flower. I had to leave most of mine behind in Monroe when I moved here to Kalamazoo. I have started a new heart-shaped garden on a fairly steep hill. Makes it a little difficult to garden. I have some new daylilies, which probably won't show off till next year.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I'm sorry you had to leave all your daylilies behind. That must have been a hard decision to make. My gardens are mostly daylilies (about 550 varieties). I've sworn that if I ever leave this place, I'll strip it bare--every single plant is going with me and I'll scatter grass seed over the property on my way out. LOL I don't even like saying goodbye to my babies as winter approaches.

Look in the classifieds section here at Daves. Someone has a daylily sale going on. Some are only $3/DF. Maybe you can find some of your "old friends" there and replace them. They'd do great on your hill.

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