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Chitin and cereal rye for root knot nematodes?

Central Valley, CA(Zone 9a)

I still have some problems with RKN in my garden. The extra OM, compost and molasses tea and intensive interplanting of marigolds seems to be helping but they are still noticably present.

Has anyone used chitin to build up predatory fungal populations? Should I apply it know and then in the fall? Is there an inoculant for this fungi?

I also read that cereal rye is good at supressing RKN, too. Is this effective under a no-till system?

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

dlbailey - I use crab shell for the chitin. I did not know it would build up predatory fungal populations - that's good to know.

I believe chitin will strengthen cell walls of plants to make them more disease resistant.

I mix crab shell with organic fertilizer and spread the two together with seabird guano.

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