Can I plant blackberries, red & gold raspberries together?

Fowlerville, MI(Zone 5b)

I have an established thornless blackberry bush that's production is less than advertised but I still get a bowl of berries from it each year. .....I need to plant my red raspberry and gold raspberry bushes and am considering digging up the blackberries to put the raspberries on the split-rail fence section I'm growing the blackberries on. If cross pollination is a problem, then I'll dig up the blackberries. If not, I'll let them grow on the same split-rail.

Is cross pollination a problem? Can I grow them all together? .....Someone please let me know what I should do. THANKS!! :)

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

i'm no expert by no means but I did buy fall gold raspberries and red raspberries and planted them in the same bed, I either got ripped off on the fall gold or they crossed with the red, and now I have all red raspberries. Not sure which of the two happened, I did get them at walmart . but they were clearly labeled, I have tons and tons of red rapsberries now lol

Greensburg, PA

You should be able to grow all three without significant problems. Even if they cross pollinate between the blackberries and the raspberries, you should still get fruit as they are all self-fertile. Any cross-pollination that could occur would not be an issue unless you saved the resulting seeds, planted them and then grew the plants. A number of cane varieties are hybrids between blackberries and raspberries, but this is not an issue for the home gardener.

Kathy Ann, It is likely your Fall Gold was mislabeled or died out. I have been growing Fall Gold and Heritage (a red) together, separated by about 10 feet, for a decade. Raspberries send up canes from the roots each season. Crossing, such as you describe, does not happen. However, existing plants (in this case the Fall Gold) could die out and new canes could come up from seeds, but you would have a year where you only had a fall crop of berries for those new plants. If you never had Fall Gold raspberries fruit for you, then the plants you planted were mislabeled or died out.

It is a gardening myth that blackberries contaminate raspberries in the way you suggest. If you did not plant virus free stock, however, there is some chance that virus could be transmitted between the various types. However, it is likely that virus is present already, since berries have been growing in the area already.

Keep your blackberry bush and plant the raspberries or dig up the blackberry and plant the raspberries. If your blackberry bush is not producing to your satisfaction, then you may want to replace that with a known, better variety. They establish quickly.

Greensburg, PA

Glenda, Forgot to mention that you should research and learn how to do "tipping" for your blackberries. It's a pruning technique that significantly improves blackberry production.

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

Thanks Krowten, I'll have to try those fall golds again then, I think they would be delicious!!

Greensburg, PA

They are. Keep in mind that Fall Gold is an everbearer that has been around a long time. I've been tempted to try one of the newer yellow everbearers that are supposed to be slightly improved, but have not done that. You might want to research them. I think Kiwi Gold and Anne are two of the yellows worth some research. If you don't have space for a large patch, my preference is to plant the everbearing kinds of raspberries - they do two crops a year.

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