BUTENKO family information needed

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Does anyone have a subscription to Ancestry.com's World Collection, and willing to do lookups?

I'm looking for info for Butenko family. They came from Ukraine sometime between 1900-1910.
My grandmother was Anastasia. She traveled with three daughters: Tatiana, Evodkia, and Tekla. Tekla was my mother. My mother was born 1903?.She said she was three yrs old when she came to USA. I can't find any record at Ellis Is., Castle Gardens or The Family history site. It's hard because names were written down by how they sounded, and not spelled. I've spent hours, looking at ship manifests and census records.
I want to know birth, marriage and emmigration information.

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Unfortunately this isn't something as simple as just doing a lookup--I'd be very surprised if it's any easier to find them in Ukrainian records than it has been for you to find them in US records (if anything it'll be more difficult...not all countries have good sets of records available) I looked in the card catalog, and there are only 3 records on Ancestry with Ukraine/Ukranian in the title...2 of them are from the Holocaust by which point your ancestors were already here, and the other one is cemetery records from one particular city. Ancestry just doesn't have a ton of records from that part of the world--whether it's because they don't exist or just that there hasn't been as much demand for them so they haven't offered them I have no idea. I did throw a couple of their names in the search engine quickly and got nothing that looked promising. So if you really want to track down pre-US records for them, you may need to consider hiring a professional who has knowledge of and access to records from that part of the world.

I'm assuming you've got a regular Ancestry membership that covers US records? For the emigration info you don't need the world subscription--the US membership will give you access to the arrival records. The arrival in the US records are much broader in scope than the international passenger lists that are available--on the international side there are passenger lists for people departing from Hamburg so if that's where they took off from you might find them, but no matter where they came from they would be in the arrival records that you have access to. The trick of course is figuring out how they were listed. The first names Evodkia and Tekla sound unusual enough that you might try searching for those in the ship records instead of the last name--I was able to track down an immigrant ancestor that way once when the last name was mis-spelled to the point that Ancestry's search engine didn't pick it up.

Also, do you know for sure they arrived in NY? There were other ports too and both Ellis Island and Castle Gardens would only cover NY arrivals--but if they came in through Boston, Philadelphia, or somewhere else they wouldn't show up there. New York was certainly a common arrival point, but out of all my immigrant ancestors I think I've only had one family come through there so I'd definitely check out some of the other ports too unless you know for a fact that they came through NY.

Do you know where they lived after they arrived? I've found that manually going through census records will turn up people who I didn't find searching because names were horribly mis-spelled. If you know what town they lived in then the manual searching isn't that painful unless they lived in a big city. If you can manage to find them in the census, some of the census records list the arrival year, so that could help you narrow down the arrival date and that could also help you in your search. Again if you know where they lived, you might see if you can find naturalization records for any of them--I found one of my ancestor's naturalization records and it told me what month & year he arrived in the country, and I knew from somewhere else that he arrived in Boston, so I was able to manually go through all the ship records for boats that came into Boston in that month & year and found him. Women don't always have naturalization records because if they married a citizen then that took care of them, but if you might be able to find the record for your grandmother (assuming she lived long enough to be eligible to be naturalized and didn't remarry an American at some point before that)

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

ecrane3, thank you for giving me another way to search. I have the US membershlp at ancestry.com and have had no luck using last name. I'll also try the other ports of entry besides NY. During census searches, I did find an uncle who came and settled in Rhode Island. As for naturalization, my mother Tekla (Celia) was naturalized in California approx. 1942, just after WW2 started. My father was in the Marines, and wanted to make sure she would not be sent back to Ukraine. I have the original document, but it doesn't have date of entry, or from what city.
As for the census---1910 has Anastasia, Fannie (Tatiana),and Celia (Tekla) living in Providence, RI. No Evodia. But you have given me some information to help with my searches. I am going back to the census and look for all who are listed on the sheets. Maybe I can get more info.
Thanks again for you help.

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