Crimson Queen - 2 questions

Tyler, TX(Zone 8a)

I planted a 3' tall Crimson Queen late this Spring and it seems to be doing well. I live in the country and lately I have noticed a bunny chomping on various things in my garden--so far no major damage, but I am worried about the Crimson Queen. I have a trunk protector (one of those coiled plastic sheets with holes in it) that I used on another type of young tree in the past. Would it hurt the Crimson Queen if I used it? It wouldn't actually touch the bark--just coil around it.

Second, the plant was staked when I bought it and I have left the stake in place. However, it is pretty close to the trunk at ground level. Is this a problem? When should I remove the state?

I'm a novice with Japanese Maples, can you tell?

Pepperell, MA(Zone 6a)

as long as the trunk is getting good air flow the protector might be a good idea. you can leave the stake in as i has probably been there a while and is causing no damage. i usually pull any that come with the tree out after a year or two - unless you want to continue to stake it to get it taller faster.

Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

The other question was concerning trunk guards otherwise known as mold/fungus and insect nests .. it is ok in winter I wouldn't recommend in summer and always take off .. best just to fence it til it gets bigger a 2 foot high piece of chicken wiire with some two foot 3/8" rebar from Lowes will work fine.. they don't need much unless it's deer .. wabbits wheelwry don't like jms much but the are waskelwy... they bit a piece off drop it.... bite another and drop it on and so on just basically jerks with bad attitudes nothing a whittle guy with a funny hat and a shotgun wouldn't stwaiten out weal qwickwy ... just ask Elmer.,,.


Tyler, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks "guys." It was the mold/fungus and insect nest aspect that worried me--especially in my Texas heat and humidity. I think I'll give the chicken wire a try. Don't know why I couldn't have thought of that. That waskly wabbit has already been biting and dropping other plants in the garden (mostly perennials). I wouldn't mind as much if he would eat what he takes. Guess his eyes are bigger than his stomach.

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