Decatur, GA

I decided to grow more gourds this year. It is a long handled variety and so I am trying to direct the vine up into a near by tree, with some success. I am hoping for some long straight handled gourds.
I anyone else growing gourds this year? I would love to see some pictures.

Thumbnail by helenchild
Decatur, GA

Here is another shot. It is making its way into my tomato plants.

Thumbnail by helenchild
Decatur, GA

Sorry, it looks like the same picture. Opps!

Lumberton, TX(Zone 8b)

Beautiful, helenchild! One day I hope to build a structure to grow the long-necked ones on; I've grown them in the last few years but none this year (giving the garden a rest from cucurbits). Keep us posted! Any baby gourds yet?

Crossville, TN

I'm not growing any either...but would enjoy any pictures others post. Jo

Marshfield, MO

Whats the vinyest gourd available> I want to cover my patio for shade.

Decatur, GA

I think any kind of gourd makes lots of leaves. You just have to water and feed it really well and it needs full sun all day. Better get started though, its getting late. Good Luck!

Newport, TN(Zone 7a)

I am growing my regular bottle/birdhouse gourds. The first year I grew them I had a seed packet with about 6 seeds. I worried over them and just babied them like crazy. This being the 3rd year, I have a million seeds from the gourds I dried and made into bird houses, and they seem to sprout like magic. actually, my neighbors dog chewed one and the seeds got strewn around where he did the nefarious deed. Now there are gourd seedlings along the path, in the lawn, all over! So I have to pull them up. I laugh thinking about those first precious seedlings and now I am grumbling about these crazy seedlings all over the place!
The past 2 years I have let the vines sprawl in a raised bed. Kind of a mess and hard to keep up with their growth. This year they go in a trellised box ( I gotta make it this weekend, cuz the seedlings have 2 leaves and are gonna take off soon.) I love these crazy rampant vines and hope to have a large structure to train them on someday.
BTW, anyone wanna trade me for some large apple gourd seeds? I want a few of the apple shaped ones. Let me know if you have the seeds and we can talk about what you want in return.

I gotta get out there and take some pics to post!

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