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Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

hc, I have a B. soli-mutata I bought a probably a couple of months ago. It has just sat there doing nothing until here recently when it started losing the few leaves it had. It has one leaf left and it looks like it's on the way out. But the rhizome appears to be OK for now. I don't give it any special treatment. It has the same conditions as other begonias I'm very successful with.
Is it too finicky to bother with? Does it go dormant and then come back out later? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Where do you have it? I have one of mine outdoors and it is looking great with lots of new leaves. The other one indoors is doing good (was the best of the two) but I had it under a dome all winter and now the dome is off. It is under lights with the lights about 2 feet above it (the spot it was in the lights were practically on top of it). The one outdoors I water almost everyday under shade and the one indoors maybe once a week.

Not sure what else I can tell you. If you are down to a leaf it may be too late - put it in a humid spot (best outdoors if it isn't there already). If it croaks try it again - it really is easy - just water it more than a lot of other begonias in my opinion.

This is my indoor one before I removed the dome permanently (use it sparingly now). Late April.

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Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

Spectacular. I will put it outside to day and see what happens. Thanks.

Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

Well, it died. So I bought another one and put it out on my back porch and it is doing really well.
However I shall now eat some crow. It appears that tapla's 5:1:1 might not be good for begonias. I have lost quite a few and don't know if it's the potting mix or not.
hc, would you please tell us exactly what mix you use? Purchased, homemade? If it is a homemade mix please be specific so I will be able to grow them almost as well as you do. Please touch on fertilizer also. I have been relying only on Osmocote for many of mine. But that doesn't seem to make a difference.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

I have used Miracle Gro the last few years with no moisture control

I use water soluble fert when I can and slow release if I remember to add it when I repot

sorry i am brief since I am using iPhone while waiting to board the flight to S.F. For the ABS convention

Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

Thanks, you lucky dog. Wish I could go also.

Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

Let us know where it will be held next year. Hopefully not the week my son leaves for college. It really would be wrong to tell him to drive himself.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Next year's convention is going to be Oklahoma City (the way it stands after the business meeting) and I think it is in May.

Here is B. luxurians at the Berkley Horticultural Nursery, easily ten feet tall or taller if you include the blooms.

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Amsterdam, NY(Zone 5a)

Watch it be the week that my son comes home from college. I think he can hitch a ride. More pictures please.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 6b)

Kyle....Here is my B. soli-mutata that I planted from a 4" container into a 10" pot about the time you first posted this. After reading the information on here, I have kept it in the shade, setting it in a tray of pea gravel with water. I am not a great begonia grower, so with the information on here and a bit of luck, I think it's looking pretty good. I just hope it will do well inside. At the time I ordered it, I also ordered B. little darling. I have one very tiny piece of it left. Not so lucky with it. I'm going to use a large aquarium this fall for plants that need the humidity. I've never done that before.
Linda :-)

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Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

That's beautiful, Linda. My second one is doing well so far. I didn't fuss over it and put it out on the back porch.

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