Garden Hoe Recommendation

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Some of our gardens are too deep to get to from the edge when we need to weed the garden. A hoe would work well for us. We are looking for a hoe that doesn't fall off the handle, light weight, and gets to weeds quickly and easily. There's a hoe that's called the hula hoe and a swan neck hoe and others. Please give me some names of hoes you like.

Fort Collins, CO(Zone 5a)

Where to start...there are as many different types of hoes out there as people who prefer them. I wouldn't be so quick to look for one that is too light-weight. Light-weight typically (not always) means that the maker cut corners to get the cost down resulting in a tool that probably isn't going to last very long and I think you'll find the extra weight in a quality hoe will actually help cutting the weeds. give you an answer to your question - what type? I really is a personal preference thing. I can tell you that our most popular hoes are the hoes that cut on the push and pull stroke - Dutch hoe, Oscillating (hula,stirrup) hoe, Diamond push/pull hoe, etc. Hope you find one that fits you and your weeding.

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Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

I bought a circle hoe. I haven't used it yet so don'[t know if I am going to like it or not. I have had some mild health problems.

Warrenton, VA

Totally agree with Blake_Schreck. The right balance of weight to length to job is a fine art, and you would be wise to think about all of this when venturing out for that great new hoe! If it is heavy enough, it'll kinda aim itself toward the earth and you more or less guide it. Too light and it'll rip out your arms and guts. I found a weird triangle-shaped hoe (really pointy end), called a "Warren Hoe," at a deep-discount store, and had to have it. Now I know why! When marking out a row for planting seeds, for instance, I barely set it down, and drag it along a line. Voila! Ready for seeds! And, so little disturbance around it, so you can work that soil well and in tight spaces. Flip it over, and it covers that row nicely!
Please reverse what I did - check out some research before you go out there with a bunch of money and high hopes, for my great fortune is, I'm sure, and isolate case in impulse buying that turns out well. Your fellow gardeners here are simply wonderful-no hype!

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