SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

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Welcome Zones 8-9 veggie growers!!

A dedicated group of Zone 8-9 veggie gardeners is gearing up for a whole new season!

We journeyed together for the first time, by simultaneously growing potatoes in our respective areas. We found the experience so enjoyable we've decided to continue by simultaneously growing our fall/winter crops together. To this end, we'll be documenting our growing progress with lots of pictures, and sharing information and tips with each other.

We invite any Zone 8-9 Beginner Vegetable Gardeners to join us if you're planning a fall/winter garden. You can be as general or as specific as you'd like, or you can just "lurk" in the background, silently learning from the posts. We appreciate any details you care to share, since we'll all be learning from and sharing growing information with each other. And, we especially like PICTURES, so get your digital cameras ready!

So, "What are you planning on growing this Fall/Winter?" Just follow this link to join the journey!

Godspeed and Good Harvest! ^^_^^^^_^^^^_^^ (Zone 8-9 Gardeners doing the Happy Dance!)

Zone 8-9 Fall/Winter 2010

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