Lime Bicolor Petunia help

Whiteside County, IL(Zone 5a)

I got this gorgeous petunia a number of weeks ago. I wish I could say that it looks like this now. The colors slowly began to fade, so that all blooms are now just the lime. I've tried it in all locations, thinking sun was too hot, etc.

I searched and found Proven winners said

The developers have identified cultural conditions that will affect the consistency of the star pattern. They include fertility, temperature, and the plant growth regulators that are often used by petunia growers. When everything is just right, this plant is a knockout.

Unfortunately they do NOT go into detail about what those conditions are! Does anyone have any suggestions about type of fertilizer? I'm going to put it in the ground or a large pot instead of what it is in, but wondering if it should just be an all purpose fertilizer, or a booster, or ???

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