Emergency radio scanners

Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

my wife's brother works for Uniden and they will be introducing this scanner in October. We attended an 'unveiling' and some of the Joe Scanner type guys that were there seemed impressed. It is so easy to use, but has features that present scanner users can use as well. It can even 'roam' with an accessory GPS unit. deleteing and adding emergency services as you travel. If you have it on 'in the background' and hear - for instance - your friend's street - mentioned on an ambulance call, you can touch 'replay' and hear the address, back up to 240 seconds. Then, you can press record and, in addition to the replay buffer, it will start recording. Shows up as a thumbdrive so the file can be uploaded to email for instance on your computer. No need to be aradio engineer - it loaded and started scanning over 300 services in DFW in about one minute.


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