Nam Doc Mia mangos

Jupiter, FL

Hi everyone.. Anybody have a Nam doc mia mango ? How is it coming along ? Mine is about 10 foot and for the first time has a nice crop of fruit on it. Trouble is that they are still green and hard as a rock. I know that they wont get the color of the hadens ( which are about ready). Any body absolutely crazy for it ?

Personally , I really adore the strong smell and flavor of the Haden. I want to get a third mango tree , but I want to taste it before I buy it. If this Nam Doc Mai doesn't turn out to be so great I will need to keep it small. I guess the tree rats will tell me when they are ripe :) Anybody have any experience with it ?

Pine Island, FL(Zone 10a)

I love them. Mine are ripe right now (as should be yours), and I've been picking & eating them for about 3 weeks. They're completely green when I pick them, and in about 5-7 days are perfect to eat. The exterior color of mine seems to vary quite a lot, but within a 5-7 days they should be a nice golden and rose color. I've got 6 mango trees and my favorite flavor-wise is the Valencia Pride, but heck....they're all great but the turpentine ones. VP is also a remarkably pretty fruit.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the feral cats on this island. Don't want no stinking tree rats! I've never seen one here in my life.

Jupiter, FL

Upon reading your answer I went outside and saw that the stems of the mangos were turning dark brown . So I went ahead and pick all 8 of them.
They were going to end up on the ground in a few days anyways. They are still green and hard but I am looking forward to eating one.

I think I am going to get a Carrie , glen , gold nugget and a Lancetilla.I just ate the last of my Haden , and I want to get some later producing mangos in the yard.

Thanks for responding :)

Pine Island, FL(Zone 10a)

Glad I could help. I just bought a Lancetilla tree this weekend to hopefully extend my season a bit too. You can never have too many mangoes :)

Lakeland, FL(Zone 9b)

heres a tree i started from a seed pit 3 weeks ago it was a yellow honey from indonisha paul

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