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Green Leaves on my Geranium Turning Red

Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

I am wondering if anyone can tell me why the green leaves on my Pelargonium Geraniums are turning red since I removed them from the pots and planted them in my garden. I still have some in pots and they look beautiful. Also I noticed a few leaves are curling.

Miami, FL(Zone 10b)

I'm not sure if this applies to geraniums as well but when my orchid leaves turn reddish it's either too much sun or when they have a lack of a mineral which always escapes my mind and get exposed to cold temperatures. The leaves turn a burgundy wine red. If it's too much sun I move them to a shadier place and voila and when it's the mineral deficency an irrigation with Epson salts will correct that. This is orchids again so just take into consideration and wait for someone who grows geraniums. I was just trying to give some pointers.

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