Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Please list your trades and shares below. It's okay if you have little or nothing but want to visit or are plant/seed hunting.

I will have...
1) A variety of open pollinated and heirloom veggie seed, especially tomatoes, peppers and beans.
2) A variety of plants (shrubs, herbs, creepers, and bulbs) to dig and cut from Maypop. For example, double flowered, pink Rose of Sharon with dark rose center (seedlings to dig), Artemisia Powis Castle (cuttings and plants to dig), ditch lilies galore, Concord grapes (cuttings), dark purple Butterfly Bush (cuttings), Forsythia, trumpet vine and wisteria (dig rooted vines), Greek oregano (dig divisions), golden Hysop (cuttings), and both apple (dig) and Kentucky Colonel (cut) mint. Two ferns each if you want to go down to the little pasture and dig.
3) Assorted flower seed such as four o'clocks, rose campion, evening primrose, old-fashioned, tall Zinnias, Cosmos, French marigolds.
4) I should have lots of Thai basil for Fall planted cuttings or drying. We grow both the common type (good for cooking) and Queen of Siam (beautiful in flower and good for cooking).

I'll add and amend as I think about it and see what folks are looking for. Fair warning though, since I've been so busy you'll have to do a bit of work if you want plants. Maybe even count and pack your own seed.

On my want list...
Well anything interesting to naturalize and any heirloom or open pollinated vegetable seed. I'm a hoarder of veggie seed! I'd like to have some nice dried flowers if you have some from your garden. That's all I can think of for now. Steve and I are looking forward to seeing some old friends and making some new ones.

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

I'll have some stuff .. lol
Night Blooming Cereus, salvia cuttings. Cuttings of (white) golden dewdrops. tropical hibiscus.
more later,, yawn

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Ellijay, GA(Zone 7a)


Forgive me but is Maypop a name you've placed on your property? I have yet to find the answer there. If so I've been meaning to name mine. I thought of "running waters" because I have a creek that runs fairly swiftly.

Four O'Clocks? I can't get 'em to grow here...but then I gave up on them twice this spring.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Just checking in from the garden. Wow it's hot! I assume you mean me, Laurel, and not Judy. Maypop is the name of our cottage and property here in Cleveland, GA. We have a kitchen garden with some flowers, lots of woods and a half acre pond. Steve wants to know if he should get fishing rods ready? Both house and pond are spring fed. Maypop got its name because Maypops (Pasiflora) randomly pop up among the veggies. They hang on the tomato cages, scramble on the paths and twine with the beans.

Running Waters sounds like a great name for your place.

Turnerville, GA(Zone 7a)

If anyone is interested in Hoyas, I can bring cuttings. I have about 30+ different types...

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Well, Sue, you've given me all but one Hoya that I've ever owned and they are all wonderful houseplants. Would you pick out a cutting or two for me that I don't have?

Elaine, are your salvias perennial?

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

hmm, well Hot Lips and Phyllis Fancey came back as perrenial. I have Scabra and Karwinskii that I grew in the greenhouse last winter, so don't know if they will be perrenial yet. Have to check on a few others..

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Danita is a huge Salvia fancier and very knowledgeable about these plants. I'd def. be interested in cuttings of any perennial salvias.

Dahlonega, GA

I'd like to try hoyas .
I'll have unrooted cuttings of :
Diablo ninebark
Coppertina ninebark
Plain old green ninebark
2 Black Knight butterfly bushes in gallon pots
Hundreds of 3" ,4" used plastic pots . If you want any , let me know , they need a new home and came from a licensed nursery .
I'll be bringing cottage cheese , pineapple , peaches , pears , grated cheese , boiled eggs so you can make your own salad . Hopefully , tomatoes .
Other stuff as I think of it

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

Will bring cuttings.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Thanks to you both.

Sally, I'll post your foods on the Q&A thread and under my post where I've been listing what people are bringing. People who are reading along can go back there and check for changes and additions.

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

I have been touch with Danita,

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Here is mqiq77's (Mike's) trade list...
"I will be bringing a sorted pick of different things, that I have over propagated.I have coleus, and some prennieals, can't remember, without being out in the prop. area.If anyone wants anything, in particular, LMK, good chance I might have it.
I could use some (black) hollyhoch seeds, as well as the (Barnyard) varities."

I too have been in touch with Danita. She is looking forward to joining us. Mom might come with her. Thanks, Elaine.

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

I want one of his peanut butter shrubs...

Dahlonega, GA

I have cuttings of Judii and Korean Spice viburnum . Smell sooo good . Should bloom in two years .I also have a sweet , rooted mystery plant . It's a mystery to me what it is , but it was nice enough for me to bother rooting it .Some one can I D it .Also two cuttings of flowering almond .

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

LOL, Sally. Mystery plant? You are such a hoot! Bring some viburnum.

Elaine, have you been in touch with Mike on the peanut butter plant? Get Mike to go out to his prop garden and make a post here.

I keep running across plants to dig. Need to go out and buy some top soil so my yard doesn't look like an amateur golf course when ya'll leave. I've got rose campion seed to pluck from the banks.

Dahlonega, GA

I can take cuttings of a Marissi viburnum , but it needs a cross pollinater to make berries .Shasta is good but a local nursery wants 40.00 for one . No smell , just beautiful blooms . If anyone wants one let me know . Or if anyone has a shasta , I'd like cuttings from it so my Marissi will have berries .

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

will do that on p. butter shrub.


Dahlonega, GA

No Korean spice , tips have too mature side growth .
I'll be bringing plastic pots and have hundreds more .All under gallon size .

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

Laurel, would you like some dried hydrangeas? I have some (first year I have tried drying them)

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I would love some Elaine!

I'm pretty plant mellow at the moment. Just spent all day at a pot luck, pool party and orchid auction with the Atlanta Orchid Society. I got some great new orchids for my collection and "trialed" some of the food planned for our RU. Good leftovers! Plus, I've been asked to present catering menus for an upcoming function.

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

Yum,, I wish I could
See you soon. Will bring dried hydrangeas and salvias + paper goods.
Do you know anything about Jenny Campground?
That's good you got a lead on some more cooking.. lol


Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Don't know anything about Jenny Campground but Suz's sister, Cheryl, is knowledgeable about campgrounds in the area. I'll shoot her an email and ask.

GA, GA(Zone 7b)

Here a some things I'll have for trade.
I'll likely only have 1-2 of each kind of everything listed.

Big Seedlings in 4" pot:

Leonotis nepetifolia
Seashore Mallow (Kosteletzkya virginica)

Rooted plants in 4" pot:

Salvia (microphylla/greggii) light warm pink

Well rooted cuttings in 4" pot, some were potted up to 4" from 6-pack cell size a week ago and some will be done tomorrow :

Cuphea micropetala - Tall Candy Corn plant
Salvia microphylla 'Hot Lips'
Salvia 'Cherry Queen'
Penta 'Stars & Stripes'
Salvia coccinea - very tall red form that's supposedly hardier
Salvia 'Indigo Spires'
Justicia brandegeana 'Fruit Cocktail' - shrimp plant w/ upright, chartreuse & pink flowers

Can make a couple cuttings from these on request, will get started rooting, most plants are smallish so limited cuttings available:

Laurentia axillaris
Salvia chiapensis
Whitfeldia longifolia
Ruttya fruticosa 'Orange Dragon'
Ruttya fruticosa 'Yellow Dragon'
Sinningia tubiflora
Ruellia Chi Chi
Ruellia Tall Purple, can do smal division of these
Chrysanthemum 'Shefield's Pink'
Nepeta 'Walker's Low'
Ipomoea carnea - Morning Glory Bush- pink
Salvia luecantha 'Santa Barbara'
Justicia brandegeana - shrimp plant w/ terra cotta/chartreuse bracts & white pendulous flowers, the one that really looks like a shrimp.
maybe some other things....

WANT LIST ( just a partial list!)
Salvias I don't have: Scarlet Spires, Mulberry Jam, Argentina Skies, Involucrata, mexicana & more
Cupheas: David Verity, Ballistic & more
Hummingbird Plant- Dicliptera suberecta
Abutilons: many
Pachystachys lutea - Golden Shrimp plant
Justicia brandegeana 'Yellow Queen', other forms or similar species
Lantana 'Mozelle', 'Chapel Hill Yellow'
Monarda 'Jacob Cline'
Hummingbird plants
Interesting edibles
Unusual plants & many, many more :)
Also, My Mom should be joining me and she has a shady yard so pretty, shade tolerant plants.


I'm bringing these for:
Maypoplaurel - Salvia-light pink micro/greggii
EFGeorgia1- Salvia 'Wendy's Wish, Cuphea micropetala, Pentas 'Stars & Stripes, Salvia 'Cherry Queen', Bonfire Begonia cutting

I'm getting these from:
EFGeorgia1 - Salvia 'Phyllis Fancy', Salvia karwinskii, Salvia elegans/ Pineapple Sage, Hummingbird Plant/ Dicliptera suberecta

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Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

For Danita, Karw. Salvia, Pineapple Sage, Phyllis Fancey Salvia, Hummingbird Plant.
For Mike, Cuttings of Rosecreek Abelia
For Laurel, Salvia Cuttings and dried hydrangeas. Also bringing paper goods and punch.

I can take some more cuttings of Rosecreek Abelia (butterflies like this).
Also 2 or 3 cuttings of Special Angel Begonia, Torch Begonia, Charmed Begonia.

Have rooted 8 white butterfly plants
3 or 4 Hummingbird plants
6 Brocade Geraniums
1 small orange Clivia Miniata (will trade for a named lily, iris, or ???)
several rooted Night Blooming Cereus
Golden Dewdrops (white blooming) can't remember their other name ...yawn

Ellijay, GA(Zone 7a)

This is going to be an education trying to remember all those names..or just a few!

Brocade Geraniums? Colorful lil' buggers, but will they survive the winter? Indoor guys?

GA, GA(Zone 7b)


Brocade Geraniums are Fancy-Leaf Pelargoniums. They aren't hardy here but are super easy to overwinter. Mine overwinter in their pots in an unheated, glassed-in but drafty porch. I've heard that people even uproot them and hang them upside down in their basements where they go dormant. That sounds a little drastic to me, but they must have a stout constitution to survive that harsh of treatment.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Got a mini-leaved, multi-colored geranium here that I'm willing to share a few cuttings from. I don't know if it's officially a Brocade though. I pull mine out of the planters in October and keep them in the basement in a sunny window. I throw a little water on them every few weeks.

I've got Dutchman's pipe here and will make a few shares available. Such a cool flower, isn't it? It's okay with shade. Pipevine Swallowtail caterpillars love it and we let them munch away. Later we enjoy the butterflies on the zinnias in the main garden.

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

My brocade leaf geranium 'Indian Dunes' is kept in my temporary greenhouse over the winter. I keep it very dry then bring out in the spring. Take cuttings and grow

Laurel, ME, me , me. I want a cutting of that geranium and also the Dutchman's Pipe. I just love my butterflies and hummingbirds. And bringing some newspaper, plastic bags for the things you listed above. And you have to teach me how to grow those tomatoes and veggies. I'm not having much luck.

Looking forward to meeting garden friends in person.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Done, Elaine. Are you here tomorrow?

We need some rain. The grass is crunching underfoot.

GA, GA(Zone 7b)

Laurel, I'd love a multi-colored geranium & Dutchman's Pipe too if there are enough. Thanks! :)

In addition to what is listed above, I have a couple small plants of Wine Cups/Callirhoe involucrata & one Centaurea montana 'Amethyst in Snow.' The Centaurea goes dormant in the heat of summer so place it accordingly, but it has lovely spring flowers and cute gray leaves fall, winter and spring.

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

Laurel, yes, we are 'camping' at Leisure Acres' RV park. It is just south of Cleveland. Not sure when we'll get there. And DH probably won't come with me Sat. He has some relatives up in that area and he's going to visit them while I plant swap. What can I say,, He said "he wouldn't even know what we are talking about". LOL
Ya'll don't forget your hats and sunblock.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Hmm, well somebody's going to miss some good food Elaine and I for one didn't plan on spending the day talking gardening. Steve does heaps to help but he's not the gardener in the family and would love the company if your guy decides differently. Maybe he can drop you off and then drop back in later? Thanks for the sunscreen and hat reminder. According to the forecast we may get scorched and parched and then dumped on later. That's okay. We can eat ourselves euphoric.

Lizella, GA(Zone 8a)

Well, I will try to talk him into coming.. I could put the guilt trip on,,, but he's just been through some health problems, and since he is so good to 'let' me do my plant stuff...

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