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Carthage, TN

The folks in the trees forum helped me identify a strange growth in my herb/flower garden - it seems I have an "artists conch" surfacing among my plants which is coming up from some decomposing tree roots (a tree was removed but the roots were left). It was suggested that the best way to get rid of the conch was to hasten the decomposition of the unground roots - once the roots are gone the conch will be too. To this end they recommended adding a high nitrogen fertilizer & water to the bed to speed up the decomposition - basically like composting. I got a bucket of fresh chicken poop from below the roost of my friend's coop. How long before it is safe to apply? The conch is growing up & around the plants so any application will go on my flowers/herbs. Any suggestions on how to prepare & apply the poop to make a plant safe high nitrogen fertilizer? If this is common knowledge, I apologize in advance for my ignorance & appreciate any helpful suggestions. Thanks.

Mid-Cape, MA(Zone 7a)

JGin, I'm not an chicken poop expert but since your question hasn't been answered yet, I'll just say what I have learned, which is that fresh chicken manure needs to be aged in a pile for several weeks before it's spread on live plants OR composted for some months before it's safe from burning your plants.
I can see that maybe adding it to the "artist's conch" (new term to me) would speed up the decomposition--you wouldn't mind if it burned it. But I think the problem is what the fresh poop would do to surounding the plants it touches.

The following URL talks about various methods of using chicken manure, including how long to "age" it.

Carthage, TN

Thanks for the link, that gives me a timeline to follow. I am hopeful this will help me get rid of this stuff, it is pretty much a pain in the rear & I'd like to be rid of it.

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