CLOSED: Unique way to display your flowers- 4rooted cuts/plants

Utica, NY(Zone 4b)

Unique way to display your flowers- looking 4rooted cuttings or rooted plants
I am a 2nd year Gardener.....mostly container gardening and since I do not have plants to trade..... I am offering my unique abilities of the textile world.....

I'm looking for rooted cuttings and or rooted plants...I am in zone5

This is a ceramic ball that I drill a hole in , it holds water...and great for that perfect flower head! The Amber hand caress the ceramic ball and make a statement!!

Utica, NY(Zone 4b)

ooppps forgot the pic!

Thumbnail by janemarierose
Belton, TX

It is beautiful.....can you give Size?

Millville, NJ

That's gorgeous! What types of plants are you looking for? Anything specific in mind?

Utica, NY(Zone 4b)

hey there,,,,,

The ceramic ball is 10 1/2 inches around..... the hole is more than a 1/4 inch but less than 1/2 round in the center on the ball to hold a flower stem...or several flower stems depending on the circumference of the stem.....the hand is 9 inches long excluding the base, 13 inches including the hand base.......


Carmel, IN(Zone 5b)

How beautiful! What types of plants/cuttings are you looking for?

Utica, NY(Zone 4b)

I'm looking for a "be-backer" (be back next year)
Something interesting?
something hot pink?
something bright royal blue?
Whatever it is ,,it has to have roots................I am having a hard time with this rooting stuff...even with machine a cloning machine and my seedling got leggy and then died....
I know I should give up


Utica, NY(Zone 4b)

Ya know Some in my family say I should give up gardening cuz of my growing abilities,,,and when asked what i am looking for in a plant in a trade...??? Something that makes me happy! Something that makes me smile when i have that morning coffee in the morning just looking around at all my treasures.... I purchased this this beardtongue in a bright pink color...I was soo happy everymorning ,,,but it is not in bloom any more... I love daisies but something other that white or yellow.....I have every color in yarrow....I just love yarrow! simpltin" I am..I was so thrilled to get a chinese latern plant....i'm looking for one they call a money tree plant? So that is just alttle about me

Oh i love carnations...The big one you get from the florist shop.....would love those!


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