Hello Again

New Bern, NC(Zone 8a)

I have been a member of Dave's Garden for several years, but spend about six months each year away on my boat. My gardening has to be strategic, because it has to require little care from November through May, and I try to introduce new plants that don't bloom while I'm gone. Even though I haven't been very active, I am a "lurker" and read the Carolina Forum on a regular basis, even when I'm away if I have access to internet. I feel like I know many of you personally.

This year we have decided to take some time off from the boat and stay home. I am looking forward to a major gardening fix, even though my budget isn't going to allow for any high end upgrades.

Just thought I'd say hi, and that I'm happy to have a little more time in my gardening future.


Raleigh, NC

Entlie, just spending six months on a boat sounds like a dream to me. Where all did you head out to?

Johns Island, SC

Hey Entlie! Welcome back!

Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

Nice to see you back. I check the travel site every so often to see if you are up the coast or down the coast.LOL

Hope to meet you someday since we are so close.

Our boats have not even been in the water this year and I did not do veggie growing for the 1st time ever this year. I went to Paul's in Merrittt and got all my maters.LOL

Good to see you posting.


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New Bern, NC(Zone 8a)

Thanks for the welcome back notes. Just returned from a trip to Illinois where my daughter sent me home with some tall pink phlox, nice Autumn Joy, a Mrs. Moon pulmonaria (mine died), and a terrific sum and substance! All are planted here with a prayer to survive in this hot summer.

Lavina, I would love to get together. Let's plan something!
Stono, so glad we got to see you on our trip home.
Bonjon, we went to the Bahamas and back, about 2,500 statute miles. Glad to be home, but missing boat travel.

Wondering why I am called Entlie? My dog, Toby, is an Entlebucher, the smallest of the Swiss Mountain dog breeds. He has traveled over 1,500 miles with us on the boat

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Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

And Bonjon if you come to see me, maybe we can both meet her together. I am in Cary right now. Did not call you and Bev as Dean was to sick and we went directly home

Raleigh, NC

well, I am thinking of coming to see you Lavina. would you believe, I've lost my two little palm trees you gave me?

AS IN, darn, they are in one of these pots somewheres......I think..... have about 500 irises in pots at the moment, and some of my perennials and shrubs in pots have the weeds getting out of hand in the pots, too.

New Bern, NC(Zone 8a)

Would love to see you both. Heading out to Oriental on the boat this weekend, if the weather will stay moderated. Our granddaughter (19) is visiting, and it's been too hot to do anything on the water with her.

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