What type of Oregano

Saint Augustine, FL

Does anyone know what type of oregano this is? Smell wonderful, but I can't remember the type.

Thumbnail by ingridg
Middleburgh, NY

Perhaps variegated Cuban Oregano, which isn't really oregano. Plectranthus.

Saint Augustine, FL

I googled Cuban Oregano images and it sure looks like it. Do you know if you can you eat it like regular oregano? thanks,

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

I've heard it's edible (not sure if it's on the GRAS list or not -- "generally recognized as safe"), but I don't find it tasty, and it's definitely not a substitute for "regular" oregano in cooking. I'd grow it for its looks and its scent. :-)

Middleburgh, NY

Cuban Oregano is also known as Indian Borage, Spanish Thyme and other names. It is used a bit in Puerto Rican cooking. Use with a light hand though.

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