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need a good recipe for fridge or canned pickles, not sweet.

mobile, AL(Zone 8a)

Hi I have been canning and pikling my own cucumbers for the first time this summer but I just can't seem to find something that I really like, I just don't like the sweet pickles too much and prefer the dill ones and also when I canned the first batch of pickles they have turned soft and not crunchy which is the way I like them. Can anybody give me a really good, favorite recipe of not sweet but dill pickles and also crunchy just like the ones I usually buy at the store?

St. Helens, OR(Zone 8b)

If you like the recipe you tried except for the texture, keep the recipe and use Pickle Crisp, which is made by Ball (also available online in bulk as the generic Calcium Chloride) and is added to the jars before processing. A lot of commercial processors use it for everything from pickles to canned tomatoes and potatoes.

And of course it's critical to prep cucumbers within 24 hours of picking and to remove the blossom end, which contains enzymes that cause softening.


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