bay laurel - transplanting to larger container

Manassas, VA

I just bought a 2 foot bay laurel at a nursery. In transplanting it to a permanent pot, I noticed it is completely root bound at the bottom, wrapping round and round. I know from research online that they like to be somewhat root bound, but should i trim the roots, since i'm putting it in a larger pot? or just put it in the larger pot with potting soil around it? any advice would be appreciated, i'm relatively new to more than basic plants.

thanks a bunch

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

If you are stepping up to a larger pot, you may want to just unwind the roots and give them fresh soil. I really don't think it would hurt if you wanted to trim some back.

Now you make me think I need to remove mine from its' pot and look at the roots. I didn't realize it would become that rootbound and I've had it potted for two or three years.

Neat herb, I hope you enjoy it!

Manassas, VA

Thanks...I'll try that

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