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Cut Dead Leaves Off?

Saint Stephens Churc, VA

I have a dwarf musa banana tree I am growing via hydroculture indoors. During warm sunny days, I put him out on the deck in full light. I've only had Nanners about a week. He arrived looking healthy and vibrant and still looked so after I transferred him to Hydroton. A few days later, though, one of my kiddos accidentally dropped a library book on him and knocked him silly, damaging one of his leaves. He went downhill very quickly. All of his leaves withered and I thought he would die, but yesterday, he unfurled a pretty new leaf.

I tried to pull the dead and dying leaves off, but they do not come easily. I am a relative newbie to growing plants and generally am not successful, but the plants I know you have to trim dead leaves from typically let them go easily.

Do I need to cut Nanners' dead leaves off and, if I do, what is the best method of doing so?

You can see pictures of Nanners from his first transfer, to his dying leaves, to his new leaf here:

(Zone 7a)

I'm thinking he had a case of transplant shock and book shock. I use scissors to cut off dead or dying leaves. It's much easier than trying to pull them off. It looks like he'll be fine.

Saint Stephens Churc, VA

Thanks, kwanjin. :)

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